Founded in 2022, Lurulabs was created to provide entrepreneurs and individuals access to creative talent on demand. Our team has spent 10+ years working across multiple companies both leading and working in marketing teams. We saw two persistent problems throughout our experience:

1. Finding great creative talent is hard.

‍Finding the right designer for your requirements, big or small, is difficult and time consuming. The process involves going through hundreds of profiles, screening the best, reaching out to them and then explaining the project to them - with no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final output. Designing your own creatives can be difficult - most software isn’t intuitive and the process can be time consuming. Often the output leads to run-of-the-mill designs that are not unique to your business. ‍

2. The design process is usually slow and expensive.

Let's face it – good design comes at a cost. It also takes time. A project that should take hours often takes days. Working with a freelancer or an agency is a continuous back-and-forth process. The client’s needs are frequently lost in translation, the feedback loop is slow, and projects almost always spillover the required deadlines

What we do

LuruLabs is our attempt to solve these two problems. We provide vetted talent on-demand. We have built simple yet effective tools to share feedback with your designer. And finally, every project you action on LuruLabs comes with a project manager who will be available to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Our aim is to make the creative process as accessible and efficient as possible.