Refund policy

It’s our goal to provide a quality service for our customers and ensure that you have a good experience with Lurulabs. The purpose of our 30-day return policy is to ensure prospective customers have the opportunity to test Lurulabs out risk-free. These are the requirements to qualify for the refund policy.

‍To qualify for Lurulabs’s refund policy:

‍1. Must accept a call from a Support Specialist for feedback.
2. Must complete Lurulabs’s Exit Survey.
3. Must create at least 1 project.
4. Must give feedback and allow our designers at least 2 attempts to make the project right.

‍Eligibility for refund is null if:

1. You APPROVE of any project.
2. You are past the 30-day refund policy of the first month.
3. You request or download source files.

We have these policies in place both to protect the integrity of our service and safeguard from abuse. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at